Know Your Product – Lessons From a Punk Rock Band

You’ve got the inside scoop on your product, all the angles are covered – inside out, upside down and back to front.  You’re excited and are ready to tell the world about your amazing product.

You envision customers beating a path to your door to buy your incredible product except they don’t.  Having intimate knowledge on a product is all well and good but it’s not enough to get people to buy your product.

In the words of punk rock band The Saints “You’re never gonna give me what Iwant” simply by talking about all the wonderful features of your product. Because like The Saints your customers are saying so what, why should I care and what’s in it for me?

That’s quite a punk attitude you need to address pretty quick smart.

You need to go a step further and tell people of the benefits too.  In fact the benefits rather than features are the real reasons why people make a purchase.

Benefits are the intangible qualities like how your buyer will feel from the purchase and how it will improve their life.   They may be buying peace of mind or they want to be seen as stylish.  Your customers could be buying knowledge to gain wisdom, charisma or a better job.

It depends on what you are selling but you can create benefits for any product or service.

So how do you get the benefits from your product?

You get the benefits from the features.

Say for example, we want to sell high potency multi vitamin tablets that are manufactured to a strict scientific formula to ensure the vitamins purity, quality and excellence.  The multi vitamins are highly recommended by nutritionists and athletes.

Let’s break that down to features and benefits:

Feature 1            High potency multi vitamin tablets.

Benefit 1            Which means that vitamins are packed with maximum dosage of nutrients to significantly and quickly boost your general health and  wellbeing.

Feature 2            Manufactured to a strict scientific formula.

Benefit 2            Which means that tablets are carefully constructed by medical experts under controlled conditions for maximum health benefits.

Feature 3            Purity, quality and excellence.

Benefit 3            Which means that the vitamins contain only essential nutrients with no additives, are stringently tested and have no ill side effects. 

Feature 4            Highly recommended by nutritionists and athletes.

Benefit 4            Which means that you can trust the vitamins are good if professional athletes use them to sustain their energy while training.  

So by teasing out the benefits from the features you now have more interesting and compelling information to add to your copy.

By all means know your product but know the benefits too because that’s what your customers are really buying.

Give people a reason to want or need a product and they will start beating a path to your door.  Well maybe not our punk rockers The Saints but you can’t win them all.

PS: If you have any copywriting questions, comments, suggestions I’m just a phone call or email away.

Until next month,



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