How Purple Cows & Lady GaGa Can Improve Your Business

What do purple cows and Lady Gaga have to do with your business?

Well before you decide I’ve completely lost my marbles, let me explain that a purple cow refers to something that is out of the ordinary – extraordinary, remarkable, unique, a point of difference.

Pop star Lady Gaga is extraordinary, definitely unique, remarkable, living and breathing her purple cow.  Her crazy outfits and image is her unique selling point or point of difference.

In a market where everything is mass produced and saturated in sameness, having a uniquepoint of difference will give you the edge to stand out and apart from other businesses that offer the same products or services as yours.

Now I don’t mean you’ve got to start channelling your inner Lady Gaga but what you do need to do is ask yourself how is your business different from others competing in the same market.

What can you offer that others don’t?  What makes your business or doing business with you remarkable, and are you using your point of difference in your marketing?

Before unleashing your purple cow, remember that it needs to be authentic and unique to you or your business.  It has to be something that is totally congruent with every aspect of you or your business.

It’s no use trying to be like Lady Gaga if you’re not comfortable with having a way out there image.

Remember those Ken Bruce ads on late night television back in the 90’s?  Ken or Bruce not sure which, would be sitting in a straight jacket rocking backwards and forwards repeatedly saying “Ken Bruce Has Gone Mad”.  Now that’s a classic if not tacky example of a unique selling point or point of difference.  Their point being that they must be mentally ill to sell their goods so cheaply.

So what’s your purple cow?

PS:  In case you were wondering – Seth Godin author and marketing expert wrote a book titledPurple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.  And for those who are curious a poet by the name of Gelett Burgess wrote a short poem way back in 1895 titled “purple cow” check it out it‘s pretty naff.

Until next month,




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