Ready, Aim, Fire – Bullseye!

Know who your target market is and get a direct hit – with brilliant results.

As a copywriter the most important question I ask clients before I consider writing any content is, who is your target market?  Most clients’ typically respond with general and vague ideas of who their ideal customer is.

This makes my job of writing great content all the more difficult.  Not knowing whom we’re targeting, presents a challenge in creating the right message to get through to the types of customers who need your products or services.

If we just aim your marketing message to the general public, you can be certain that you won’t get much if any response at all.

Why?  Your message doesn’t speak or engage with any specific emotion, passion or clarity.  It’s become such a watered down, generic and aimless piece of marketing that even your dream customer ignores it.

The more information you have about the type of customers ideally suited to your products and services, the better the results from your marketing efforts.

Knowing your target market helps in crafting a more personalised message. Because you know who they are, you also understand their concerns and desires this puts you in the enviable position of providing the solution to their problem.

Understanding your target market is the single most important element to consider before you begin marketing your business.  This one but very important detail will determine how to deliver your message right through to what needs to be conveyed in your message.

So next time you embark on a marketing campaign, really give some thought to whom you’re aiming your message at.  The clearer your target the better your aim and the certainty of hitting your bullseye!

Until next month,


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