Is Your Call To Action Getting You Much Action?

Calls to action are those pushy little statements that command you into opening up your wallet and parting with your cash, or getting you to divulge your details in order to subscribe or receive information about a product or service.

Every piece of advertising material has a call to action, without one we would simply gloss over the contents and then promptly ignore the carefully crafted website, sales letter or magazine ad and throw it in the bin.

Hmm, that’s not the result you were intending and hoping for when you hired people to produce your advertising campaign or website, was it?

You want your customers to basically buy, or at the very least make an enquiry about your products or services.

This is where the call to action comes into play and its effectiveness depends on a few factors.

1.    Make a time limited offer

Have a deadline for your customers to place an order, make a purchase or enrol in a course/seminar.  You can even combine your time limited offer with an added extra bonus, like an early bird discount, an upgrade or free gift.

 2.    Introduce an introductory or trial period

Lower your price during the introductory or trial period or provide extra services that customers would normally have to pay for.

3.    Notify of a price increase

Let your customers know your prices are increasing on a specific date, this will create a sense of urgency to get in early and get a good deal before the price rise.

4.    Free gift or an upgrade

For added incentive and encouragement throw in a free gift or an upgrade to boost response and sales.

5.    Exclusivity

Provide products or services that are not readily available in a physical store, or are unique only to you.  That way you get returning customers to purchase more of your exclusive products or services.

6.    Provide a no risk trial period

Reassure your customers that they can cancel for any reason before the trial period expires if they aren’t 100% satisfied with your products or services.  Combine no risk with the introductory period to lessen any lingering fears.

While there aren’t any real hard and fast rules as far as the placement of your call to action, they’re commonly placed at the end of the sales pitch.  But you can place them in the header section, middle of the content, or to the sides.

Visually you want the call to action to stand out with a good amount of space around it and that you don’t have too many other calls to action or content competing for attention which will only confuse your customer.

An effective call to action should be clear in expressing what you want your customers to do, how to do it and why.

Good calls to action should prompt and guide your customers through the sales cycle, making it easy for them to complete the transaction.

Get better response rates from your next advertising campaign – make your calls to action push, prompt and provoke your customers to ACTION!

Until next month,

Sandra Slavec

Read more about the call to action in my latest Ezine Article: Why Having the Right Call to Action Statement Increases Your Sales 


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