Want To Know The 106 Year Old Advertising Secret For A Successful 21st Century Business?

Let’s take a trip into the past to Chicago the city of “mobsters”, home of the original “Mad Men” and a burgeoning advertising industry.  In 1904, John E Kennedy a relatively unknown copywriter sent a note to the head of Lord & Thomas advertising agency.

The note read:

“I am in the saloon downstairs. I can tell you what 
advertising is. I know you don’t know. It will mean much 
to me to have you know what it is and it will mean much 
to you. If you wish to know what advertising is, send the 
word ‘yes’ down by the bell boy.”
  Signed John E Kennedy.

The note didn’t reach the head of advertising it instead came to the attention of a young rising star and new partner, Albert Lasker.  It just so happened that Lasker had been searching the past 7 years for a satisfactory answer to this very question and still hadn’t found the answer.

So he summoned Kennedy to his office.  And Kennedy whispered three powerful words to him.  Those three words changed the face of advertising forever.

The words Kennedy whispered to the young Lasker were: “Salesmanship in print.”

Upon hearing this mind blowing concept, Lasker hired Kennedy to work with him at Lord & Thomas where he developed a series of lessons based on the ‘salesmanship in print’ philosophy and helped establish a training centre for Lord & Thomas copywriters.

Their copywriters were so good and highly sought after that other advertising agencies began luring them away with promises of higher salaries just to have the magic of salesmanship in print.

And with those three words modern advertising was born.

So how does this 106-year-old advertising model help your 21st century business?

Well your business has a product or service to sell and you need to advertise your products and services to make a sale, right?

Whether your ads appear in print, online, TV, radio or digital format they require you guessed it, words – to tell people about your business.  Your ads are your salesmanship in print, working hard to sell your products and services.

The salesmanship in print principle hasn’t changed in 106 years.  Technology changes at warp speed but you still need words to inform, persuade, entice, compel, explain and sell whatever medium you use to advertise your business.

Are the words on your website or brochure selling your business effectively?

Salesmanship in print ~ it’s what advertising really is.

Want to learn more?  Here’s my latest article as featured on Ezine: The Number 1 Winning Formula For Web Success – Good Copy!

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