Is Your Website Content A Little (Yawn) Tired?

Have you really had a good, hard look at your website lately?

Is it engaging, and interesting or is it beginning to show the first signs of ageing, and sounding a little old and tired?

It’s easy to forget about your website once you’ve done all the initial things like decide on the design, function and content.  But websites have evolved since those early days of set and forget and they require a little ongoing maintenance to stay relevant and fresh.

It’s a good idea to do a regular web audit review of your website in order to keep it wrinkle free, revitalised and up to date.

The last thing you want is to send your visitors to sleep or worse losing them to a competitor, with content that’s lacklustre, old or just lost its zing.

Here are 10 anti-ageing website tips to keep your site appealing and attractive to your customers:

1.    Attention-grabbing headline

If you’re current headline isn’t stopping people in their tracks, it’s time to change it to something that will.  Of course keep it relevant to your business.

2.    Sub headlines that expand on the headline

Having sub headings that provide a little more information from your main heading helps break up your content into easy to read chunks. Most people scan a web page and stop to read the points that interest them.

3.    Benefit driven content

Make sure your content is packed with loads of benefits that show the customer what they stand to gain from your business i.e.: peace of mind, save time/money, look and feel great, be smarter, you get the idea.

4.    Relevant targeted offer

Include any relevant offers, freebies, special discounts to encourage customers to buy.

5.    Clear call to action

The call to action is mandatory, it directs your customers to do a specific thing e.g.: call a phone number, subscribe to a newsletter, shop online or send an enquiry.  Never assume that your customers/visitors “know” what to do once they land on your website.  Make it plain and clear what specific action your visitors should take.

6.    Provide testimonials & guarantees

Testimonials are your “word of mouth” in print form.  Customers like to know that other people are satisfied and happy to recommend your services or products.

Backing your products or services with a guarantee reassures potential and hesitant customers that your products/services have integrity and that you’re prepared to honour your guarantee to maintain goodwill.

7.    Give away free information/content to encourage interactivity

Providing free information such as E-books, newsletter subscriptions, helps build customer relationships, and boosts your search engine optimisation efforts.

 8.    Easy to read copy

Proofread your content, and eliminate any long words and jargon.  Make it easy for your visitors to read/scan and understand your content with clear, short and simple words and sentences.

 9.    Search engine optimisation

Know the keywords and phrases people use to search for your particular business and include them in your main content.  Be mindful you don’t overuse them; otherwise you risk creating content that doesn’t make sense.  The keywords should flow naturally in the course of a conversation.

 10. Design layout & navigation

There’s nothing worse than landing on a site that’s an assault and strain on the eyes with too much content, banners and flashing ads competing for attention.

The general rule of thumb is to have a 12 pt font size, clear site buttons, and a light coloured background to ease eyestrain.  And keep the banners and flashing ads to a minimum.

Until next time,




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