All The World’s A Stage, Is Your Business The Starring Attraction?

Movie Poster There's No Business Like Show Business

As the Irving Berlin song title suggests in the movie poster above, “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and that may well be true but have you ever thought that your business whatever industry or niche it’s in, is a lot like show business?

‘All the world’s a stage’ according to Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It’ and if you think about it, the Internet is your virtual stage with a global audience within a mouse click’s reach.  Your website is the main attraction where you showcase your products and services in a way that’s enticing and appealing to potential customers.

The methods you use to promote your business and how you package and present your products and services shapes the type of customer or audience you attract and what kind of success your business will be.  This is where all the blood, sweat and tears of countless rehearsals and refinements of your content will either pay off or not.

As the business owner, you are the producer, director, choreographer, and scriptwriter of your virtual stage show, err business.  That’s a lot of different roles to fulfill all with their own unique skill sets.

Whether you can do all these jobs, some or none the important thing is to get the show on the road and start attracting the right audiences to patronize your business.

The Show’s Begun, Where’s The Audience?

Every business has a tailor made audience that’s the perfect match but finding them is the tricky part.

Often when starting out in business we tend to think our services and products will appeal to a broad range of customers, when in reality they appeal to a specific customer or audience base who are actively searching for the particular products or services you offer.

But that’s not the only factor to influence their decision, people will ultimately make a decision one way or another that’s an emotional response based on visual appeal and empathy.  And if these factors are not simpatico with your target audience then you don’t stand any chance of making a sale.

That’s why having content that tunes into the needs of your audience plays such a powerful role in attracting the right audience who are ready and willing to listen and do business with you.

Like Attracts Like

Another factor that plays an important role in your communications is your point of difference.  Highlighting and promoting your uniqueness sets your business apart from other similar businesses, and has the added bonus of attracting likeminded audiences and customers that are more receptive to your services and products.

Now, don’t you agree that doing business with likeminded people is so much easier and rewarding than chasing after people who really aren’t that into you?

The thing is, once you stop trying to cater to “everyone” and concentrate on building rapport with your ideal, likeminded customers, your content shifts from the standard, generic style, to a lively, conversational and engaging style that people actually look forward to reading.

Of course this means that it won’t be to “everyone’s” liking but then you’re not in the business of pleasing and catering to everyone either.

So go on, razzle dazzle your audience with your quirky, individual, unique, unusual personality, vision, ideas, values and see the difference it makes to your business.

PS: This newsletter was inspired by a comedy show I saw as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last month.  Paul Foot’s Ash in the Attic a very surreal, crazy, surprisingly unexpected and very funny show.  Check him out on the you tube link below, although a word of warning – he’s not to everybody’s liking, but he’s certainly got a growing cult following ☺

Here’s to your very own cult following!


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