How To Choose The Right Copywriter For Your Project

You need a copywriter but you want to be sure that the copywriter you hire is going to do a great job.  A quick search on Google and you get 22,500,000 results for copywriter, how on earth are you supposed to choose the right person for your project?

With that many search results for writers, you can be sure that not all are good at what they do.  And your chance of picking the not so good is higher than you think.  Just because a copywriter ranks high on Google, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best choice for your project.

So how do you know that the copywriter you choose is the right person for your project?

Here is a list of 9 things you should consider when choosing to hire a copywriter.

1. Portfolio of  Samples

Take the time to look at the copywriter’s portfolio.  You can get a good feel for the copywriter’s style and how good they are from the samples they provide.  If you enjoyed looking at the work and found it interesting then this is a good starting point in helping you make a decision.

2.    Interest and Enthusiasm

A good copywriter will take a real interest in your project and business, asking lots of questions to get a good sense of your particular communication needs.  Copywriters thrive on information and the more details and facts you can provide the better the work will be.

3.    Good Listener

Copywriters are natural communicators but they also should be good listeners.  After all it’s your story the copywriter will be writing, so if you don’t get the chance to tell your story then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

4.    Empathy

You want to hire a copywriter who understands your business challenges and can empathise with your clients too.  It’s tempting to turn to an industry insider but you risk ending up with plain, trade or product expertise when you could get fresh objective marketing expertise from a freelancer.

5.    Print and Web Savvy

The best copywriters are versatile writers who can just as easily write for print as well as the web.  In fact these days most businesses marketing mix is a combination of print and online.  So hiring a writer that can offer value offline and online is worth your marketing investment.

6.    Simpatico Relations

Good chemistry between you and the copywriter can make a huge difference to the quality of the work created.  You’ll always get great results when working with people you like and are compatible with.  Getting to know your copywriter and finding out whether you’re simpatico will make working together easier for both parties.  Because copywriting is a collaborative effort.

7.    References

It’s a given that posting testimonials and references is written proof of happy clients.  But as we all know, all is not as it seems online.  You can always ask the copywriter to provide previous client details should you want to follow up with the reference.  Most copywriters will be happy to connect you with a few clients, if not keep on looking.

8.    Good Grammar

Any correspondence and email exchanges between you and the copywriter should be clear and grammatically correct.  That means no text or sms shorthand and spelling mistakes.  You want to be confident that the copywriter represents your company in a professional manner.

9.    The Commitment

So you’ve found the perfect copywriter, they tick all the above boxes and you’re ready to get started.  Good copywriters are generally busy and as long as your job isn’t super urgent, like yesterday, and they want to work with you, then they’ll happily commit to your project even if they are busy.  Be wary of the copywriter you can’t pin down.  They just may not be interested and are playing hard to get to shake you off.

If you consider some or all the above points, you should find it much easier to choose the right copywriter for your next project.



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